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Was the Invention of Agriculture B.S.? Is there really something valuable about studying the human past, or is history just tedious B.S. foisted upon students by blowhard teachers and professors?
Was the Invention of Agriculture B.S.? Was the domestication of plants and animals at the dawn of the Neolithic Era really a great advance for humanity, or was the invention agriculture just harmful B.S.?

Is The
                  Iliad B.S.?
Are the works of Homer reliable history, or simply great literature which is full of B.S.?                                                           

                  Ancient Paganism B.S.?
Was ancient polytheism really cruel and intolerant, or is that portrayal of paganism just B.S.?                                              

Was The Spread of Early Christianity B.S.?
Was early Christianity so irresistibly appealing and undeniably true that it spread rapidly throughout the Roman Empire, or is this image of the early Church as a swiftly expanding movement just B.S.?

                  the Fall of Rome B.S.?
Was the so-called "Fall of the Roman Empire" really a big deal, or is the whole idea just a load of B.S.?                                

                  the Black Death B.S.? Was the 14th century Black Death really that bad, or was it all just a bunch of B.S.?                                                              

                  Columbus B.S.?
Was Columbus actually a daring explorer, a great genius, and a positive role model, or is this image just B.S.?             

Was The
                  Atlantic Slave Trade B.S.?
Was the Atlantic Slave Trade really that big a deal, or was it just one example out of many instances of forced labor throughout human history, and one which was rendered obsolete by the rise of the modern economic system?           

Was the French Revolution B.S.?
Was the French Revolution of 1789 really worth all of the strife and bloodshed, or was the attempt to profoundly transform French society just B.S.?

                  the Haitian Revolution B.S.?
The Haitian Revolution was the only instance in all of human history of slaves successfully overthrowing those who ruled them and beginning to govern themselves. Yet 200 years later, the Haiti is by many measures one of the poorest countries on Earth. So did the Haitian Revolution deliver on its promises, or was it simply B.S.?

Was the
                  French Revolution B.S.?
Is the view of the Industrial Revolution as the product of individual genius which improved the lives of those affected accurate, or was the Industrial Revolution just B.S.?

Was the
                  English East India Company B.S.?
Was the leading Western corporation in Asia simply an innovative business empowered by the British crown for the honor of England and the advancement of trade, or was the English East India Company B.S.?

Were the
                  Causes of WWI B.S.?
Did the assassination of some fancy Austrian Archduke really justify the slaughter of more than 11 million people, or were the causes of World War I just a bunch of murderous B.S.?

                  the 1918 Influenza B.S.?
Was the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 really that bad, or was it all just a bunch of B.S.?                                                      

                  the Cold War B.S.?
Was the Cold War between the USA and USSR from 1945-1989 really a necessary conflict, or was it a wasteful load of BS?

                  the End of the Cold War B.S.?
Did the events of 1989 truly deliver on their promise, or was the end of the Cold War B.S.?                                                  

                  Violence B.S.?
Is violence an effective means of changing society for the better, or is it just B.S.?                                                              

                  Western Civilization B.S.?
Is the "Grand Narrative" of Western Civilization as a story of progress and freedom, leading from ancient Greece to the modern United States, a foundation of modern historical education, or is it just B.S.?