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Useful Videos for College History Students

How To Do Research For A History Class Fast! Do you have a paper or other project that you need to do a bunch of research for? Maybe youve put your research off until the last minute, and are thinking I just need to get my research done as quickly as possible. Well youve come to the right place, because Im here to tell you all of the secrets to doing high quality research fast (or at least as fast as possible).

What's The Difference Between Primary &
                  Secondary Sources? Any student of history needs to understand the difference between primary and secondary source evidence. Both are important, but in order to use them correctly, you need to be able to properly distinguish between them. This video will help you out with that.

How To Read A History Book Fast Need to read a book for a history class without spending weeks on it? Find out how to read a history book efficiently and quickly, while still getting all the important stuff.         

Evidence, Citations, and Plagiarism: Who Cares?
Why is it important to correctly cite sources to back up your arguments?

This video gets to the nitty gritty of why evidence is crucial, why you need to cite your sources, and why plagiarism is for losers.                                                   

                  Can You Tell If A Website Is B.S. Or Not?
How can you tell whether what you see online is reliable, or whether it's total B.S.? Here are some tips you can use to tell.                                         

How to
                  Find a Scholarly Journal Article
This video provides a walk-through of how to find an article in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal using JSTOR.